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Surface engineering – bright and shiny times ahead!


Manual sandblasting

Description: Sandblasting cabinet

Maximum material sizes:
Width: 3.800 mm
Height: 4.000 mm
Length: 12.000 mm

Continuous feed blasting system

Manufacturer: SCHLICK-ROTO-JET

Description: Roller conveyer type blasting system Rotojet

Maximum material sizes:
Width: 2.500 mm
Height: 500 mm
Length: 12.000 mm

Priming / painting

Description: Paint spray booths incl. forced drying

Maximum material sizes:
Width: 5.600 mm
Height: 5.000 mm
Length: 17.000 mm

Chromium plating (hard chromium)

Description: Hard chromium plating system for multilayer chromium plating

Maximum material sizes:
Interior and exterior chromium plating
Certification:  RAL 6011 according to the highest level of quality
Max. length of chromium: 2.500 mm
Max. diameter: 300 mm
Chromium repair process SELECTRON


Manufacturer: CAMLAW Nitriding furnace

Description: Nitriding furnace for gas nitriding or gas nitro carburation with subsequent oxidation

Maximum material sizes:
Furnace size: 900 x 900 x 1.300 mm


Description: Annealing furnace electrically heated shaft furnace with air circulation LSU 100/200

Maximum material sizes:
Max. annealing temperature: 750 °C
Length: 2.000 mm
Diameter: 1.000 mm
Hard chromium system



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