Can big hydraulic cylinders still be light and safe?

Drawing on the expertise we have gained from over several decades of work in the area of hydraulic cylinder development and design, as well as process-optimised manufacture based on the highest possible quality standards, we say: YES!    

And we say ‘YES’ to your hydraulic cylinder requirements.  

The sale of more than 20,000 hydraulic cylinders a year speaks for itself!

Our services at a glance:

In-house engineering Engineering

  • Production incl. material procurement
    • Material procurement from Central European cooperation partners we have successfully relied on for many decades
    • Technologically advanced manufacturing processes based on the principles of the LEAN-philosophy
  • In-house assembly
  • Testing
    • All assembled hydraulic cylinders undergo comprehensive testing to the specified testing pressure (up to 500 bar); documentation of results in reports
  • Painting
  • Preservation and packaging
    • According to the key transportation requirements (sea freight!)


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