Schwing’s supply chain

At Schwing St. Stefan, the supply chain starts with the procurement of

  • raw materials (steel plate, pipes, round and flat stock, etc.)
  • semi-finished and finished products (slewing gearboxes, radio remote control systems, hydraulic components, etc.)
  • auxiliary materials and operating supplies (tools, oils, gases, chromium salts, etc.) 
  • as well as local services from the surroundings of the St. Stefan location 

and ends with the delivery of the packaged products to the end customers.   

We are constantly optimising our supply chain, taking into account our strategic goals such as e.g. lean management (i.e. optimally coordinating all activities required for value creation and avoiding unnecessary activities, in other words waste).  

Today we are capable of implementing not only need-based procurement concepts for individual manufacture (order-to-make principle), but also KANBAN concepts for serial manufacture (pull principle).  

More and more materials are being ordered and delivered according to just-in-sequence or just-in-time (i.e. need-synchronous) procurement concepts, which means we can adapt production flexibility exactly to our customers’ needs.


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