Corporate Policy

ACTIVE – we shape 

EFFECTIVE – with high quality

EFFICIENT –  quick and unbureaucratic

If maximum performance, efficiency and quality are required, we are here for you – whenever you need us! Outstanding designs and flawless manufacture – that’s what SCHWING stands for. Schwing’s corporate policy is based on the high level of entrepreneurial care and due diligence we exercise when dealing with our customers.   
The reliability of our products and services and our customers’ satisfaction are our topmost priorities. To us, it is not just a matter of selling our expertise, but also of making sure that our customers feel well looked after, in a decent and solution-oriented way.    

For your individual and state-of-the-art requirements, you will have a highly competent team at your disposal.


With regard to the international competition, our goal is to achieve a leading position, and Schwing is very aware of the challenge involved.


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