Plan for tomorrow and act today. That’s the motto of people who decide in favour of SCHWING.

After all, reliability, operational safety and economic efficiency are what matters most to our customers.  

Sophisticated and practical engineering achievements are what our products are based upon. This we accomplish by the almost proverbial “SCHWINGeneering” and the solid craftsmanship applied in the processing of, exclusively, first-class materials and components.  

Our product portfolio comprises a variety of components in the segments steel construction and cylinder manufacture.

  • power cylinders
  • single cylinders and multi-cylinders
  • support cylinders

In addition, our customers can benefit from a broad portfolio ranging from processing equipment, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines to especially developed welding methods and even surface finishing processes. The company area of Schwing St. Stefan is more than 100.000 m².

Some of the investments we did in the recent years:

  • CNC drilling and milling centre MILLTURN M 65
  • CNC turning machine Index GU 800 L
  • CNC turning, drilling and milling centre WFL M 100 Millturn 
  • processing centre Mandelli 12 U
  • flame-cutting machine Messer-Cutting
  • traveling column machining center Zayer KCU 28m
  • longitudinal welding system
  • plasma cutting system
  • deep drilling machine Tacchi 
  • robot welding system IGM 
  • CNC turning, drilling and milling centre Millturn M 40
  • LaserMat 4200
  • Roboterschweißanlage IGM
  • Nitrierofen (Gascarbonnitrieranlage)
  • CNC Vertikaldrehmaschine Weisser
  • CNC Dreh-Bohr-Fräszentrum Millturn M 50
  • Fahrradständerbearbeitungszentrum Sora Luce 18m inkl. 2x NC-Rundtische

Processed quantities / raw material / year 

Each year approx.

  • 4.000 tonnes of pipes and piston rods are processed in St. Stefan to
  • 22.000 cylinders.

Furthermore, we process 8,000 to 10.000 tonnes of fine-grain structural steel to high-quality products.


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